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Be aware, members of this group may be able to see each other's e-mail addresses (and the names affiliated with those e-mail addresses).

Members of this group are not required to provide medical/health information. However, if you choose to provide medical/health information via this group, that information becomes public information by your so doing.

Please keep in mind that if you directly disclose personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through this group, the privacy of that information cannot be guaranteed.

Environmental Illness Network Minnesota will not be liable for the privacy of e-mail addresses, communications, or any other member content.

You are encouraged to review the privacy policy of, and those of any other websites that are linked to via content shared in or through this group.

Environmental Illness Network Minnesota has no intention of selling the e-mail addresses of group members. However, Environmental Illness Network Minnesota may use the e-mail addresses of group members to try to communicate with them via other free or low-cost services. For example, Environmental Illness Network Minnesota may use members’ e-mail addresses to invite them to join community interactions on a different platform, to send newsletters via an e-mail service, or to try to facilitate the migration of this community to another on-line forum if the community were to migrate. Such alternative free or low-cost services/platforms may have privacy policies and terms of agreement that are different than those of

Furthermore, Environmental Illness Network Minnesota may share group member content/information whenever required by law. Environmental Illness Network Minnesota may, in its own discretion, also provide group member content/information to law enforcement officials or others in good faith whenever it deems doing so to be reasonable. Factors in such decisions include (but are not limited to) protecting the rights, property, or safety of any one, any group, or any entity. Group members agree that this discretion does not create an obligation for Environmental Illness Network Minnesota to make such disclosures. Neither Environmental Illness Network Minnesota, nor its directors, officers, agents, community facilitators, site facilitators, administrators, moderators, volunteers, or funders, shall be held liable for disclosing or failing to disclose group member information or content.